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Cocoon Botanicals

Cocoon Botanicals  was founded in 2020 by Elisa, Kaddy and Julian. Connected by a long friendship,  but also by a shared passion for natural cosmetics.

Elisa and Kaddy are the product developers at Cocoon Botanicals. Since they struggled with skin problems ourselves and were dissatisfied with most of the products on the market, they wanted to develop a care line that could be used individually and for all skin types and was also free of fillers and critical ingredients. Our products should be natural, but also effective. That's why they have developed natural products with highly effective ingredients.

Cocoon Botanicals uses ingredients that not only target one skin problem, but are versatile and effective for different skin problems. Many skin problems arise because the skin is imbalanced. This was the main approach for the development of the products. Their holistic approach is also reflected in their sustainable and environmentally conscious actions. 

Cocoon Botanicals

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