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Return Policy We must make a common effort to reduce the amount of waste and our carbon footprint. The beauty industry contributes to generating a lot of pollution and we surely need to reduce our current level of comfort to change things. In respect to our customers, all returned products end up in the trash because we can't be really entirely certain if the product has been used or not. 
Therefore, we have decided to not accept returns anymore in addition to biosecurity policies and procedures.

So what if you choose the wrong lipstick color? Offer it to a friend or family so that the product is used by someone. Give it a second life! However, if you receive a defective or damaged product, please write to us at to plan for an exchange or refund. 
If a clinical allergic reaction presents, with a proper documentation with pictures and active communication with us since the first sign of reaction Limitless Beauty Collective will evaluate and consider under our discretion a store credit for the 50% of the value of the product.

Be your own source of information.

We invite you to learn to read the ingredients by yourself and do your research. Become your own expert. We do not pretend to be experts; we believe that you should fight for your personal values and avoid the ingredients that do not
go in the same direction. The goal is to be aware and informed about what we buy on a daily basis and use on our body. When we choose the brands, at Limitless Beauty Collective, we have certain standards that want to avoid ingredients in beauty products. However, certain products could contain ingredients that you might want to avoid. We do not pretend to be an expert or a chemist. We are happy to provide you the lists of ingredients in each product card. Make this effort yours, get informed, read the product box and you can always pay attention to the Full List of Ingredients to make sure you are aware of the formulation of the product you are buying prior making a final decision.

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