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Heart of Gold

Heart of Gold is the life path of herbalist/esthetician/massage therapist/intuitive Ally Draizin. After 22 years as an esthetician she can say with conviction that there are no miracle products, but there are magical products. She has spent years cultivating deep, respectful friendships with plants, and in turn they bring actual magic to every bottle. She makes each product by hand: infused with vibrational medicine, intuition, loving intention, and plant medicine. She also uses the discernment gained over two decades as an esthetician to manifest products that feel good, smell good, and work beautifully.

Self care is an act of love, and an opportunity to connect plant & energy medicine into our daily routine. Her goal isn't to make you beautiful, you are already beautiful. Her goal is to bring more love, compassion, and gentleness to your life. Her goal isn't to heal your skin, your skin will heal itself. Her goal is to connect your skin with it's own infinite healing ability.

Heart of Gold
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