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Limitless Beauty Collective (LBC), founded in 2018 by Denisse Polito, is one of the main green beauty collectives in Latin America and the first in Panama. Our main mission is to guide our community to live a conscious lifestyle in terms of skincare and wellness with an emphasis of protecting the environment avoiding toxic ingredients. This mission starts with the basic notion of reading the labels of what goes in your skincare products.

We strive to incentivize their own judgement by doing their own research without following most influencer’s subjective and biased reviews LBC provides guidance in terms of understanding the importance of a sustainably sourced raw materials and packaging. That human cruelty including child and forced labor is as awful as animal cruelty, especially in the makeup and gua shas/rollers industry. We started giving Green and Clean Beauty workshops, called The Limitless Sensorial Experience, guiding our community to identify textures, methods of raw material extraction, the right way of applying clay masks, botanical mist and serums.

Also, how to recognize a synthetic botanical mist (AKA rose water) vs a hydrosol/distilled formulation without fragrances, PEGs, silicones, sulfates,Phenoxyethanol, skin softeners, alcohol, oxybenzone to name a few. LBC is recognized for promoting the importance of avoiding sheet masks and plastic bottled skincare products to reduce plastics in landfills as in Panama only 5% gets recycled. Our community called our workshops the Wine Tasting for Green Beauty.

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