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MIDI12 , (Midi, The time when the sun is closest to
the zenith, halfway between dawn and sunset) 12 (Cosmic number that governs space and time, Universal landmark [...] forming a harmonious whole.) is a French cosmetics brand that offers a range of clean and vegan products to be used before, during, and after sun exposure : Truly clean, effective, and highly sensory care to protect and enhance the skin.For the founder, Aurelie Ribierre, 
 sun protection is the most important.

Environmentally friendly filters of the latest generation that effectively protect against UVB + UVA rays. Natural oils selected for the sun oil for their high concentration of antioxidants and fatty acids (the famous omega fatty acids) to protect and moisturize the skin during sunbathing.


The UVA protection factor measured in this product complies with the recommendations of the EU Commission and is thus at least one third of the UVB factor (SPF). This can be recognized by the circled UVA symbol.


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